J. Stephen Morrison

J. Stephen Morrison, a political scientist, is a Senior Vice President at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. CSIS’s global health work began in earnest in late 2001, when Morrison launched the CSIS Task Force on HIV/AIDS, co-chaired by then Senators John Kerry (D-MA) and Bill Frist (R-TN), which spearheaded efforts to move the U.S. approach on HIV to access on a mass scale to anti-retroviral treatment.  In 2008, he created the Global Health Policy Center, what has become the premier think thank program in Washington on a full spectrum of issues of significant import to U.S. foreign policy interests, spanning infectious diseases (HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, polio), maternal, newborn and child health, and health security (e.g. pandemic preparedness, Ebola, Zika.) In his leadership role, he is a prominent presence – speaking at CSIS convenings, on Capitol Hill, in the media, at international events – and writes on an extensive set of policy challenges.

In 2009-2010, the CSIS Commission on Smart Global Health Policy, which included Rex Tillerson, prominent Senate and House Members and other opinion leaders among its members, pressed the Obama administration to expand its long-range strategic engagement in global health. In recent years, Morrison has served on the Independent Panel on the Global Response to Ebola (2015, Harvard University and the London School of Hygiene and tropical Medicine), produced a video documentary, ‘Ebola in America: Epidemic of Fear,’ worked extensively with industry, foundations and international organization on accelerating R&D innovation and expanding affordable access to promising new medicines, and led CSIS efforts in Myanmar and the Mekong.

Beginning in the fall of 2015, he conceived and launched the CSIS Task Force on Women’s and Family Health, a high-level 25 member body which will issue in March 2017 its proposal for a major U.S. initiative on adolescent girls and young women in low-income countries, with a special focus on family planning, maternal and newborn survival, cervical cancer and nutrition.  In early 2017, he will also release a major new documentary on the surge of violence against health workers, patients and facilities across multiple continents.

During the Clinton administration, Morrison served on the State Department Policy Planning staff (1996-2000) and at USAID (1993-1996) where he scoped and launched the Office of Transition Initiatives.  Prior to that, he served in the U.S. embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on democracy programs, and was professional staff at the House Foreign Affairs Africa Subcommittee (1987-1991.) He has a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and graduated magna cum laude from Yale College.  From 1994-2006, he was adjunct professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and currently serves on the advisory boards of the Fogarty International Center, National Institutes of Health and the International Studies Division, University of Wisconsin-Madison.