Tony Wayne

Tony Wayne rose quickly through the ranks of the FS after early assignments in Morocco and INR and on the Executive Secretariat staff, then from 81-83 was Special Assistant to Secretaries Haig and Shultz. After running the internal political section in Paris and leading the regional affairs office for the Ambassador-at-Large for Counter-Terrorism (89-91), Tony spent much of the 90’s specializing in European affairs, including as NSC Director for Western Europe (91-93), as DCM at the U.S. Mission to the European Union (93-96) and as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Europe and Canada, then Principal DAS of the Department’s Bureau of European Affairs (96-2000.) Tony was confirmed as Assistant Secretary for Economic and Business Affairs in 2000 and worked in that position until 2006, often serving as Acting Under Secretary. He served as Chief of Mission in Argentina (06-09), and then spent two years in Kabul, serving first as Coordinating Director for Development and Economic Affairs (09-10), then as Deputy Ambassador/Chief Operating Officer (10-11). Tony led our largest bilateral Mission in Mexico with great distinction (11-15). He’s returning to the Washington area for what will, no doubt, be further chapters of professional accomplishment and leadership.