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Joseph J. Sisco Memorial Forum

Joseph J. Sisco was the Chairman of the American Academy of Diplomacy from 1999-2004. When he passed away in the fall of 2004, he requested that gifts in his honor be made to the Academy. The Academy decided that the best use of the generous donations made by his friends and family was to stimulate public discussion on the foreign policy themes to which Dr. Sisco dedicated his career.

Arthur Ross Discussions of American Diplomacy

The Arthur Ross Foundation generously provided the American Academy of Diplomacy with a fund to create a series of discussions exploring the role of diplomacy in US foreign relations, and encouraging discussions of foreign affairs across the country.


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"Support for American Jobs: Requirements for Next-Generation Commercial Diplomacy Programs"

The American Academy of Diplomacy is proud to present its new report, 'Support for American Jobs.'

"American Diplomacy at Risk"

A strong State Department, based on a strong Foreign Service and a strong Civil Service, is a critical component of America’s security. But America’s diplomacy—the front line of our defenses—is in trouble. This report aims to stimulate the changes necessary to best prepare American diplomacy.

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AcadofDiplomacy @AcadofDiplomacy

Jun 29

Acad member Amb. Robert Hunter urges the UK Parliament to view the #EUref as advice rather than law:

AcadofDiplomacy @AcadofDiplomacy

Jun 29

What will intel briefs with President Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump be like? John McLaughlin offers an answer: